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Equal Money and the Basic Income Grant

18 Jun

Getting representatives of Equal Money elected to the positions or offices where changes may be initiated in accordance with the Rule of Law requires the support of a lot of people, not just your votes, but also your money, time and your labor. Here (again) the question of “What’s in it for me and my family” will be asked, and rightfully so. For, who but a small minority of us have not been burned many times in the past by corporate suited politicians who promised change but delivered only more of the same chains of debt enslavement?


With more than half the world’s population currently living at or below the poverty line, basically just struggling to survive, our first responsibly must be to get ASSISTANCE = MONEY to those in need, while also jump starting the economy so that people have jobs and the currency is circulating. Within the current economic system, the so-called priority of assisting the people, has been hijacked by the elite under the nonsensical banner or pretense that by giving 99% of the money to 1% of the population, that money will somehow magically make its way to the other 99% of the population. That so many people still buy into this absurdity has nothing to do with magic; it’s all about brainwashing the masses – even at the highest levels of the education system, which I plan to speak more of in posts to come. For now it is to understand that in an Equal Money System we will apply one of the simplest rules of determining the possible outflows of our actions, and this is the Rule of Common Sense.


Common sense says that if you want get money to the people, while at the same time jump-starting the Real Economy, the most direct and effective way to do this is to give the money directly to the people. This method, commonly called the Basic Income Grant or BIG, is one of the tools that Equal Money proposes to immediately employ, so as to immediately assist the population to GET OURSELVES OUT OF SURVIVAL MODE, so that all are eventually provided an opportunity to participate in the creation of the new system. BIG works like this: depending on the country and the needs of the people, a basic monthly income grant of let’s say half a month’s minimum wage will be accessible via each citizen’s personal identity/money card. Obviously, this isn’t going to be enough money to buy luxury items; yet it will be enough to stimulate the Real Economy so that the currency is flowing, jobs are being created, and people have opportunities to earn more money to buy that which they desire.


So, here (once again) it is to understand that, although the Equal Money System is a long term plan/solution, we also require to provide immediate solutions to assist as many people as possible in the shortest amount of Time… while at the same time, building a foundation on which to base our long term goal of creating a world-wide Ecosystem where all life is provided the opportunity to live a dignified life, flourish and evolve. I realize that too many, such goals may sound Utopian, as though they’ve come from a science fiction novel. The reality is just the opposite; equality and oneness, the unconditional giving and receiving within and as an ecosystem, as seen in the relationships of what is physically here, our physical bodies, Earth, Sun, nature, etc., has always been here offering us the opportunity to let go of the all-consuming energetic experiences of Mind over Matter, and participate within and as the Real Matters of Life. Simplicity really is one of the Keys to Life.