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Equal Money and the Basic Income Grant

18 Jun

Getting representatives of Equal Money elected to the positions or offices where changes may be initiated in accordance with the Rule of Law requires the support of a lot of people, not just your votes, but also your money, time and your labor. Here (again) the question of “What’s in it for me and my family” will be asked, and rightfully so. For, who but a small minority of us have not been burned many times in the past by corporate suited politicians who promised change but delivered only more of the same chains of debt enslavement?


With more than half the world’s population currently living at or below the poverty line, basically just struggling to survive, our first responsibly must be to get ASSISTANCE = MONEY to those in need, while also jump starting the economy so that people have jobs and the currency is circulating. Within the current economic system, the so-called priority of assisting the people, has been hijacked by the elite under the nonsensical banner or pretense that by giving 99% of the money to 1% of the population, that money will somehow magically make its way to the other 99% of the population. That so many people still buy into this absurdity has nothing to do with magic; it’s all about brainwashing the masses – even at the highest levels of the education system, which I plan to speak more of in posts to come. For now it is to understand that in an Equal Money System we will apply one of the simplest rules of determining the possible outflows of our actions, and this is the Rule of Common Sense.


Common sense says that if you want get money to the people, while at the same time jump-starting the Real Economy, the most direct and effective way to do this is to give the money directly to the people. This method, commonly called the Basic Income Grant or BIG, is one of the tools that Equal Money proposes to immediately employ, so as to immediately assist the population to GET OURSELVES OUT OF SURVIVAL MODE, so that all are eventually provided an opportunity to participate in the creation of the new system. BIG works like this: depending on the country and the needs of the people, a basic monthly income grant of let’s say half a month’s minimum wage will be accessible via each citizen’s personal identity/money card. Obviously, this isn’t going to be enough money to buy luxury items; yet it will be enough to stimulate the Real Economy so that the currency is flowing, jobs are being created, and people have opportunities to earn more money to buy that which they desire.


So, here (once again) it is to understand that, although the Equal Money System is a long term plan/solution, we also require to provide immediate solutions to assist as many people as possible in the shortest amount of Time… while at the same time, building a foundation on which to base our long term goal of creating a world-wide Ecosystem where all life is provided the opportunity to live a dignified life, flourish and evolve. I realize that too many, such goals may sound Utopian, as though they’ve come from a science fiction novel. The reality is just the opposite; equality and oneness, the unconditional giving and receiving within and as an ecosystem, as seen in the relationships of what is physically here, our physical bodies, Earth, Sun, nature, etc., has always been here offering us the opportunity to let go of the all-consuming energetic experiences of Mind over Matter, and participate within and as the Real Matters of Life. Simplicity really is one of the Keys to Life.



Life’s Matter of Relationships

20 May

Life as a foundation is a matter of relationships from within and as which, a seed may – depending upon the Equality its relationships or Ecosystem – grow and flourish or wither and die. The Equality of the relationships define and determine the nature of everything within and as the Foundation of Life, be it Eco-Logical or the current Eco-No-Me.

Earth within and as the Solar system is a prime example of a foundation of Life that has for aeons unconditionally provided the opportunity for Life flourish within and as its Ecosystem. Yet when we as the human-seed entered into the Equation, the Equality of the relationships changed, and the Blight spread across the Land.

Key here, to understanding a point of Life, is to realize that it’s All in and as the Relationships, our acceptances and allowances, that determine the nature of who we are and what we are becoming. Equalize the Relationships, and we equalize Life. Add the Principle of “What is best for All” to the Equation, and we begin to Evolve.

All human relationships are (in one way or another) defined and determined by Money; accordingly, Money is the determining factor of the quality of Life on Planet Earth, and herein lies the cause of the current devolution Life. In short, the quality of our relationships is Evil. We as mankind, humanity, and now the human Race (to change before it’s too late) have given value unto our relationship/idea/concept of Money/Mind, over and above our relationship to and as the Life that is Physically here. In essence, we have reversed ourselves to an extreme demur of “Mind over Matter”; thus giving our energetic experiences Value over and above the Matters of the physical reality.I mean, how often do you see plants blowing-upmountain-tops in search/desire of something precious inside that can be converted into money to buy some happiness even just for a short time; or animals drilling deep down into the earth to suck its blood dry in exchange for some Money/Love/Happiness? These are not metaphors; they are actual depictions of what we as human beings have become, vampire consumer zombie parasites that suck the life-blood from everything including ourselves for the sole purpose of sustaining our Mental relationships within and as the illusion that, “As long as you’re Happy My Dear, nothing else Matters.” It’s a disconnect from reality on an individual and global level.


  • Humanity’s relationship/valuation of Mind/Money/Energy over and above Life/Physicality has resulted in the Evolution of Mind/Money, and the Devaluation of Life/Physicality.

Possible Solution:

  • As Life is Relationships, and Money is that which define human beings’ relationships, why not simply realign the value of Money to the value of Life so that all relationships are brought to Equal standings?

The implementation of this part of the EM plan might come under the heading, Software Upgrade. Currently the entire system is so skewered with different definitions/values of Money – cash, plastic, metal, physical, non physical, etc. – that, abuse has become the Rule instead of the exception. What Equal Money will do is reset the Value of Money to the Value of Life. Accordingly, as Life is an absolute, as in – the only value is the value of Life, the room to abuse will be extensively curtailed. An hour of work/labor anywhere will be worth exactly the same as an hour of work/labor everywhere. It will be like overlaying the skewered relationship/Money lines of the old system, with new lines, absolutely defined within and as the Equality of Life. Does this mean that money will be placed on equal footing with life? No, it is purely to be used as an organizational and accounting tool. “Money thus becomes the management and accounting tool to assess and organize resources, ensuring that everyone is provided for equally and granted access to all services and goods required to live in a efficiently functioning global environment. Consequently within this global environment, the human is placed into the position of benevolent benefactor in the construction of ecosystems.”1

Sources/Further Reading:

Equal Money and some Real Change

11 May

Historically speaking,   change has usually been defined “For us” in  the lines  of the Revolution, hypocritical politicians, and misinformation of the Corporate media. And, as long as the consumers were kept well fed, few seemed to notice or care that the change for the “better” was being applied to an ever decreasing minority, while the change for “the worse” was being levied on the ever increasing majority. Point being: that which we have in the past defined as “change” was not real change, because as a whole, nothing changed, it just got worse; we have not Evolved, and this is a fact backed-up by the Present physical reality of this planet and all its inhabitants. Now, we have begun the process on the path to be and become Real Change, that which is best for All, Evolution.

It’s interesting how when something bad happens to us, we’ll take to the streets to protest and demand change; yet when the bad falls upon someone else, we all too often just ignore. Take for example the austerity measures (read deletion of wealth) currently being imposed in various places throughout the world. The people in the streets, the ones who are now directly affected by an abusive system are in large-part the same ones who once ignored. Where were they/we when the same abuse was happening to our counterparts on the other side of the world; nowhere to be found because with ignorance comes hope that as long as we don’t look at the bad, it may just pass us by, or so we pray. Then suddenly when we least expect it, the badness comes crashing through our doors, and just like that we’re out on the streets. Angrily, we demand and plead for our rights. But it’s too late because just as we once ignored the plight/rights of others, so to will ours now be ignored, not as punishment, but as a last resort so that we may finally understand the shoes of another.

Notice how the phrase, “4.8 billion people living at or below the poverty line…” apparently/probably (as with me) doesn’t really affect you. This is because we’re not yet one of the ever-increasing majority living/surviving/dying at or below the poverty line; it’s out of sight, so it’s out of mind, and this is the way the current system is designed to hide the negative. You see, the System doesn’t want you to see what’s really going on, because if you really understood what was happening behind the scenes, you might actually stand up, demand and become real Change. From just about any Internet-chart showing the widening wealth gap, it’s clear that it’s just a matter of time before the size of the forgotten masses becomes so large that ignorance will no longer be possible. Anarchy and chaos will likely ensue, as segments of the system come crashing down.

Hope will not turn this world around; us taking self-responsibility for all that is here will. Remember that we are the system; we are everything that is here, so we also have the ability/responsibility to change what is here. Prevention in the form of immediate action, NOW is our best option, and here we are uniquely suited to use our imaginations to place ourselves in the shoes of another, and then do for them/All what you would have done unto and for you if you were standing in their shoes. Stand and Support Equal Money. 

In every Right is Responsibility. What are our current abilities? Recalling the image we constructed in our imagination of the World System, it is perhaps clear that the action/inaction of each person, influences all individually and as a whole, and nowhere is this more clearly represented than in the flow or currency of Money. Think of it like this: if the whole is composed of three equal points, yourself (A) and two others (B and C), your view/perspective of yourself, B and C as the whole is going to be defined and determined by your-self and the other two. By drawing money/relationship lines from each point to each other (to form a triangle), we see that whatever each point does or doesn’t do (with or for Money), equally defines and thus determines the shape/nature of the whole; hence one’s Ability to participate “in the decision-making process” is also one’s Responsibility to participate.

A challenge or small change we might consider, is to each time we purchase something, Consider the impact of the money that we spend. Trace the relationship lines as far down as your imagination will go, and simply estimate how that purchase is defining/determining the nature of the whole; herein we begin to see how every cent we spend, indeed has an impact. I (as A) am the consumer; B is the producer, and C is the nine-year-old child working 16 hours a day in B’s Bangladesh sweatshop. Now, do I  really need a new shirt?

It’s late in the Day; yet we do still have a window of opportunity. Thanks to technology, especially the Internet as the Global Mind, we are able to unite from near and afar, making Equal Money an Internet accessible project in which one is able to be both monitor and participant. The political legitimacy to implement Real Evolutionary change – change for the betterment of All – will not come from the Government above, nor will it suddenly materialize because we are in the moral right. No one can give us the self-governing traits of self honesty/responsibility in equality for and as what is best for all; we must become it. One’s responsibility is always just a matter of taking the next step, and as always the opportunity is right Now.

Equal Money: What’s in It for Me?

21 Apr

In the last post we talked about the Foundation of “Oneness and Equality within and as the principles of what is best for All.” This starting point is specific; for in striding to build perfection, it is only logical to begin with the foundation of equal standing.

What’s in it for Me?

Freedom from Fear: that is what’s in it for you, me and All who are willing to stand and gift unto ourselves and All, the equal opportunity to to live a dignified life. Fear – as will be explained in detail – is the the current/driver of human Consciousness, collectively projected outward from the Small to the Big, manifested as the World System of Money as the design of Power and Control.i In other words, power and control within/as the World System of Money is based on fear, represented at all levels, by the currencies of Money. At the lowest level, the fear is defined as want, need and desire for enough money to stay alive, survive in the jungle. As we move up the hierarchical class-structure of the system, the foundation of fear remains the same; yet the definition changes from the fear of not having enough, to the fear of losing what one has, interestingly defined as want, need and desire for More money to (stay in class) survive in the jungle. As we come to understand the design of the system and our roles within/as it, we will realize that we as pillars of the system, are its power source, and therefore responsible for all outflows, for better or worse. Thus will come again the Choice: continue to give up one’s power unto a system that does not value Life, or stand, take back your power, and become part of the force of that which is best for All.


What will change in an Equal Money System?

Fear will be Eradicated.



The World System of Money and Human effect

16 Apr

The World System of Money is the outward manifested representation1 of humanity’s – systematic – relationship to itself and everything else. The Human-effect is the phenomenon whereby, from the small/within to the big/without, we – equal as one – define; thus determine the Effect unto the whole. In a nutshell, the most basic and damning defect of our current system of money lies in its valuation of money. There is no standard that remains unchanged from cradle to grave, and as such there is no absolute/indisputably agreed upon equality of anything, not labor, not life, and (thanks to the latest Cyprus heist) not even monies of the same currency. In understanding the schematics of the current Money System, how and why the currents flow the way they do, we are designing the new system to include – even in the transition – the immediate introduction of stability factors that will alter the equation for All, and form basis upon which All may begin to stand and participate in the new world. It’s not going to be easy, and as is the nature of all great  journeys, there will be pitfalls. Yet, for those among us who are ready to stand, there has never been a greater cause, nor better opportunity to stand as One, and give equally to All.

At this point I confess; this blog isn’t really for Dummies, and I do understand that, words such as Oneness, Equality and Singularity, are not “completely” understood by most, not by the brightest scientists, and certainty not by me. However, as these words are as close as we get in our current definitions of absoluteness, they are and will continue to be among the words we use as the starting point/basis of the new system. Therefore, we will continue to use them to form the basis of our discussions and explanations, and in time, with perseverance, we too will come to understand them.

1“Outward” manifested representation refers to the works and behavior within and as the physical reality; as opposed to “inward” manifestation that refers to the works and behavior of the “inner” energy/mind/program – as the origin or starting-point of the outward manifested representation of that design. For example, the source code of Windows XP would be the inner energy/mind/program, while the user-interface would be the outward manifested representation of the inner program/design.   

Continuing with Systems

14 Apr
In the previous blog-post, we broke-down a system to “imagine” its smallest particle or “singularity,” so as to visualize the basis of a system, how each single part, regardless of its location and/or grouping within and as the whole, inescapably function equal-as-one in defining and determining the nature of the whole. In order for each singularity to optimally benefit “as all as one,” all parts must be aligned with each-other, directing themselves within/as what is best for all; accordingly, insuring the health and harmony of the whole as well as each of its parts. This is how the human physical body function, innumerable singularities within/as systems within/as the physical, functioning for and as what is best for all. Which brings us to the World-system of Money and the human effect; where did we go wrong, why are we not aligned within and as what is best for the body as a whole, best for All?

What’s all this Talk about Systems?

12 Apr
A system is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular; or a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network (source: Google search, “system”). The World System is the sum/total of the connections or relationships of each of its parts. Accordingly, Planet Earth, within and as the atmosphere, is the manifested representation1of the World System. From within and as the World-System, all other (worldly) systems flow.
Use your Imagination to visualize how systems function – from the small to big and big to small. Picture “everything” within/as the Earth’s atmosphere, as a glass-sphere. Now, within/as that sphere, choose the tiniest single-particle that you can imagine. From that particle as a starting point, draw individual light-blue relationship lines to each of the particles that may influence or be influenced by that single starting-point particle. If you are familiar with Physics, what you probably just did was to draw individual lines from that single-particle to every other single-particle within/as the sphere. Now, one particle at a time, do the exact same thing with all of the other single-particles in/as the sphere, until you have addressed each single-particle as a unique starting-point within/as the sphere. What you are now holding within and as your imagination is a light-blue representation of the basis of the World System, enclosed within/as its very own atmosphere. Notice that although, the address/starting-point/perception of each particle is unique, the connections of each of the particles to each other – creating the whole – are equal. Now, reverse the view. From the entirety of the sphere – as the sum/total of all the singular particles in relation to each other, follow the relationship line of each of the particles, back to that first single-particle.
  1. What in essence, determines/defines the nature of a system, as a whole?
  2. What in essence, determines/defines the nature of a single-particle or singularity?
1“manifested representation” refers to the behavior and works